Hey, I'm Drak

I played Vanilla WoW (now re-released as "WoW Classic") since the closed US beta and quit retail before the first WotLK content patch. During retail Vanilla, I achieved r12 on Alliance and cleared all content till 4HM (4HM, Sapph, KT one week after TBC release). After some WoW break, I picked up Vanilla WoW again via the emulation scene. There I achieved two r13 warriors (Orc/NE) with all content cleared. I also played warriors of all races but UD/Gnome, some of which I ranked to r10. Early 2012, I introduced the emulation scene to an adapted GDKP system to fuel my PuGs. Eventually, I led a few hundred 20/40man PuGs across both factions, GDKP became popular across the scene and other servers, where people exploited it to the point of it getting banned. ;)

  • EU Gehennas: Warlord Drak (Orc Warrior), Drakon (Dwarf Warrior)
  • Discord: drak#9694
My warriors

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