< WoW Classic Honor Pool Estimation



  1. Install the HonorSpy addon, play and let it record data.

  2. Before the PvP ends (e.g. Tuesday evening for EU servers), go to "Interface Options" > "AddOns" > select "HonorSpy" and "Export to CSV". Press the button, your client will hang a bit and a popup with data will be shown. Copy&paste this to a .txt file.

    HonorSpy export menu
  3. Do the same after reset, when HonorSpy has been filled with 400, 500 or more entries (if reset is on Wednesday, HonorSpy won't fill before Thursday). Again, save the data in a separate .txt file.

  4. Copy&paste the data from the "before update" textfile in the upper box, the data from the "after update" textfile in the lower box. Press "Calculate".

  5. (Optional: you may sanitize the data beforehand, since sometimes players sync bogus data in HonorSpy. This will increase accuracy of this tool.)

  6. (Optional: you may enter your own pool size estimate replacing the automatic estimatation.)

  7. (Optional: you may enter a custom chart title, so you know what this data was about, e.g. EU Gehennas week 23)

How to read the graphs/results:

Data is regularly wiped on the server, so please keep your textfiles and save the images and results, if you need them for future reference!