"Cookie Cutter"

31/20/0 Cookie Cutter Arms PvP
  • Unrivaled Arms BG PvP spec with Mortal Strike, Imp. Hamstring, Enrage and Piercing Howl
  • Points in Blood Craze may also be put to Imp. Battle Shout
  • Adjust weapon specialization as needed (Axe is good for starters, Sword proc is the best effect)
  • Perfectly viable tank spec for all dungeon content

Duelling Fury

9/31/11 Fury PvP baseline
  • Fury spec for duels with Imp. Execute, Imp. Intercept, Imp. Berserker Rage, Last Stand. Works with both 2H and DW
  • 2 Points in Tactical Mastery can also be moved to Flurry or Iron Will, same with Imp. Berserker Rage
  • Perfectly viable tank spec for all dungeon content



17/34/0 Fury/Impale
  • Bloodthirst, Impale, DW Spec
  • Do not skip Piercing Howl! It has great utility!
  • Perfectly viable tank spec for dungeon content or raid offtanks


0/33/18 Fury/Prot
  • Best tanking spec with Bloodthirst, DW Spec, Last Stand, Imp. Shield Block, Defiance
  • Main tanks may omit Piercing Howl and go for 5/5 Toughness for max. mitigation