• Have proper keybinds (all skills, all consumables, all gear sets, all on-use items)
  • Learn to flank, stay ahead of flag carriers
  • Learn to peel
  • Mind LoS: break enemy LoS to avoid ranged attacks/spells, stay in LoS to your healers/support
  • Remember and use your unique utility: Mortal Strike, Hamstring/PH, Intercept+Charge, Disarm, Taunt and RNG weapon procs for insta-gib™
  • Have various gear sets (offensive PvP set, defensive PvP set, tank/maximum survival set, diamond-flask set) and consumables ready
  • Learn to pool rage
  • Play!



  • RIP
  • On a serious note: you are down to crit+proc luck or otherwise having the situation in your favor
  • Being a Gnome and having Escape Artist helps
  • Frost/Fire Reflector helps


  • Soul Link: RIP (as all other classes), try to sweep the pet
  • If Destruction + Succubus: RIP
  • Save Intercept for after Death Coil
  • Shadow Reflector helps
  • Being Undead (WotF) helps


  • Shadow Priest: RIP
  • Other specs: hope for RNG, align big hitters with RNG
  • Mortal Strike helps, so does Death Wish
  • Save your active skills (MS, WW) for their Shield
  • When you pop Recklessness, save Pummel for Mind Control


  • Play mostly with 1H+Shield
  • Switch to 2H while rogue is in Intercept stun
  • T3 help and Blood Craze talent help
  • Being Orc or Dwarf or Gnome helps


  • Being Gnome (Escape Artist against roots) or Orc (Bash resist) helps
  • Try to keep Sunder Armor up if they bear-tank you
  • Spider Belt and Ornate Mithril Boots help. Likewise Rocket Helmet helps to close distance
  • Try to setup Intercept stun in Humanoid form, switch to 2H, unload rage


  • The better your gear gets, the clearer is your advantage
  • 1H + Shield while being kited, 2H when you closed the distance
  • Use LoS
  • Frost Reflector helps with trap, so does mocking/taunting the pet


  • Elemental: RIP
  • Try to reflect Frost Shock
  • Destroy totems with mouse-over hamstring


  • Reckbombs are not in your favor, hit and run might work
  • Shockadins or Holy+Reck melt your HP in no time, avoid
  • In general: you do not need to fight, just run to your closest base, stay mounted if you are mounted already, mount when the Paladin mounts. Not much they can do about it, use /lol macro


  • RNG fest
  • Have weapon chain(s)
  • Fight with 1H + Shield, defensive playstyle wins here, TF helps a lot
  • Setup Intercept, switch to 2H and unload all your rage



In general, swords and sword spec is to be preferred, because it has the highest burst potential and can proc off Hamstring. dark-edge-of-insanity compensates the lack of sword procs with a proc that shuts down enemy actions, avoidance and can only be broken by DS/Iceblock. might-of-menethil is just a TBC weapon in Vanilla. You should leave corrupted-ashbringer to RPers due to the massive HP malus in PvP.

Best in Slot (TBD)

Q: What about fury?
A: Fury, esp. Fury with last stand is very strong in duels. However, in team situations you want to have Mortal Strike.
Q: Why so much +hit? Isn't the PvP hitcap at +5%?
A: To counter +def on T2.5, warrior and paladin enchants, random items with +def. Always aim for at least +6%, I'd recommend +7%.


Crafted from other professions than Engineering: