Vanilla Checklist

A little general TODO list for Vanilla/Classic WoW:


Weapon/Defense skills maxed
First Aid maxed
Cooking maxed
Engineering maxed
2nd Profession maxed
Lock-picking maxed (rogue only)

60% mount
100% mount

SM key
ZF mallet
ZF Carrot on a Stick
Mara Scepter
ST class quest
Scholo key
Scholo barov trinket
Strat key
Strat Seal/Rune of the Dawn trinket
DM key
DM max. rank water (mage only)
BRD key
UBRS key

AV exalted
ZG exalted
ZG HoH popped
CC exalted
Brood exalted

MC attunement
MC douse quest
MC revered unlimited douse (revered)
MC domo chest epic quest (hunter, priest)

Rend head popped (Horde only)
Ony attunement
Ony head popped

BWL attunement
Ony cloak
Nef head popped

Naxx attunement
T3 quest done

MC Tranq shot (hunter only)
Buff tomes (druid, mage, priest)
Dungeon/world skill books (mage, warlock)
Strat food tome (mage only)
AQ20 class skills

FiR gear (melee only)
NR gear
SR gear (warlock only)
FrR gear

r2 (PvP trinket)
r3 (10% discount e.g. for mounts)
r10 (full blue PvP set)
r11 (mounts)
r12 (3/6 epic PvP set)
r13 (full epic PvP set)
r14 (weapons)
Arena Grand Master trinket
Tidal Charm trinket
STV fishing event trinket

Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal (P5 AQ opening event mount)
Tabard of the Argent Dawn (P6 event tabard)

How to use

Copy the above text into a txt or document file. Adapt the server/character/class names and delete any line which you achieved. The last lines are legendaries and time-gated achievements, just skip/delete if you don't want to pursue this. Also remove the PvP ranks which aren't your target.