Classic Era Scam

A big 🖕 to Activision Blizzard for sabotaging* Classic (Era):

  • marketing TBCC progression as the canonical Classic route.
  • patching the client instead of copying and patching it. Deterring average players without backups from giving Classic Era a try due to UI/AddOn setup hassles.
  • deleting all guilds.
  • not listening to early community feedback to pool ALL servers per type per region to have a workable population. Now, all pools are past the point of no return and dead.

As a result of this business strategy, all Classic Era servers died. Thus anyone having "bought" either a character copy to TBC Classic or Classic Era effectively got scammed. The appropriate response from the company should have been refunds or equivalents (bnet balance, game time etc.) Of course, this won't happen with Activision Blizzard!

Maybe, after SoM concludes, Classic Era servers see a revival.

* That should have been "killing", but it is inappropriate in light of news about Activision Blizzard's work environment which led to irreversible harm and suicide.